services overview


Translating a shot list, storyboard and script into inspiring images is the cameraman’s job. His knowledge of light and shadow motivates the feel of a scene. Making sure the audio is natural and clean immerses the viewer in the action. Coordinating with the director and helping the talent convey the message lends authority to the finished project. These are the valuable skills our videographers bring to every shoot.

Audio & Video Editing

After the shoot we begin organizing all the production elements to create a video that gets results. We take pride in being responsive to our client’s requests. With today’s technology, we can work on your project remotely while on location, or bring it back to our studio editing suite. Either way, we keep our customers informed on their project’s progress.

Project Management

Is your company experiencing a growing workload? Outsource some of your non-video projects to Big Picture. We work seamlessly with your team to plan, organize, and manage a variety of jobs, short or long term. We also have the skills, experience and resources to build and manage your website, Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

Location & Talent Scouting

Finding the perfect place to shoot and the perfect people to represent our clients.

Script Writing & Producing

A great script is the springboard for a great video. Our scriptwriters’ first job is to embrace the knowledge and ideas that you bring to the table and translate these concepts to the visual realm. Our producers then follow the project to its completion, making sure the original message remains clear throughout the shoot, edit and post production. Years of experience telling a wide variety of stories allow us to inform your video production with personality and heart.


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